Learning fast that most of my present friends, won’t be there when I need them most… meaning my present friends, might not be my future friends. People say that if a friendship lasts more than seven years, it will be a life time friendship.

My college experience has been a roller coaster of situations, friendships, and events, but now it is junior year, and I feel alone. I bonded with people who ended up breaking my heart or just dragging it along. Not saying I don’t have friends that care, but the ones I least expected to hurt me, are the ones that hurt me the most.

As you get older, people have already found their friends and judge new people more often. I feel sad, knowing I’m in college, “the best years of my life”, and doing it by myself or people who don’t have my best interests.

But today marks a new day for me… Because I am a junior and most of my classes are specific to my major or interest, I will make new friends. Maybe they won’t be my best of best friends, but new people to hang out with, to make memories with, and to help each other through the school year or on. I cannot take the petty and dramatic life styles of my, as I referred to them as, “present friends” anymore. I need change, change for the better. I hope they will continue to be in my life, but I know now, I don’t feel comfortable opening up to them. I don’t want to share my problems or happiness with them if they will only use it in a negative way.

So time for me to make friends… my rock friends, friends that no matter how long it’s been since we talked, we can pick it up like we saw each other ten minutes before. These are the friends that I might have a different path than them, but we can check in or just be friendly.

Lastly, to leave the drama or any problems, remember your self-worth. I have lost respect for myself for a long time, because I let the little things eat me up and let the past relationship with people ruin the way I think of myself. But like I said, it is a new beginning, and loving myself is priority.

I’m not sure where I was completely going with this… but to summarize.

Present friends might not be your future friends. Making new friends is difficult, but can always happen. And lastly, remember yourself in all of this. Your self-love is more important, than if Tiffany is friends with Abbey, you can’t be friends with Abbey too… or whatever the case may be.


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