Homemade Photo Booth

DIY of the day: Background for a quick photo booth

Recently, it was one of my close friend’s birthday, my group of friends were having a small party in my dorm room. To make the room more festive, I went to a dollar store and an arts/crafts store, along with using what I have with me. Having a small space, I used a blank wall space about 4 or 5 feet wide.

All I used to create this background was ribbon, rope, a hot glue gun, and two command strip hooks. (the hot glue gun is optional)

Step by step:

  1. Start with a rope (not too thin) that’s about 6 feet. This is so it will hang nicely. You can also just use ribbon or string in its place.
  2. After gathering the colors, you wish to use, you cut different lengths from two feet and larger. The colors or designs of the ribbon can be whatever you like. (because I plan to reuse this background for future parties, I used every color I could find)
  3. Than you tie on end to the rope in a knot. (You can hot glue the ribbon to the rope, to help is stay, but a strong knot will do) You want to cover as much of the wall as you can or envision for your booth.

*Best way to add ribbon is start in the center and work out to the ends of the rope, leaving about 4 to 8 inches empty at both ends.

  1. Once you filled up your rope to your liking, measure it out where you want to hang it. I hung it at a little over 6 feet high so when people stand in front of it, the ribbon is at a good length.
  2. Hang the command strip hooks on either side where you wish it to end. (again about 6-7 feet high and 4-5 feet wide).
  3. Than knot or create a loop at the end of both ends and hang your background

Bonus: Create a small sign to label the photo booth. I used paper, markers, and a piece of ribbon. Also put a bin or box or fun costumes, hats, glasses, and such next to your wall, to make the photos more fun and silly.

Lastly keep it simple and go with it. It might not look perfect at first, but once it is up you can see what it looks like… if you need to add more or cut the lengths of them. Try it out for different parties or fun events. It is a great decoration and adds some love to an empty wall


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