Meaning of Art For Me

My first job right now is to be a college student, my second job/passion is art, especially photography. While I have always participated heavily in sports my entire life, the extracurricular activity I have come to enjoy the most is art. Art has become a main part in my life through the past seven years. Photography is my main creative activity. I use photography, not just as a mandatory assignment, I use it as a tool to capture beauty and occasionally as an escape from negative aspects of my life. An important feature of my art process is looking at an object or event for what it truly means. I minimize any alternations to my photographs, because I would not want to change its natural beauty. Each picture I take reveals a story, because my art has a meaning behind every photograph. I never anticipated myself being as artistic as I am today, but I am glad I have gotten to understand this other side of me. Art helps me discover more creative ways to get work done in school and in every day jobs. Without my creativity, normal work becomes just a task, now I have a different look on life. Art started as a way to escape the negativity in my life, and now it has become a passion and a part of me.


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