My new beginning isn’t based around blogging. Blogging is part of my fresh start. I’m a double major in undergrad, almost done with my junior year, struggling with my main friend group, trying to keep up with classes, stay in touch with my family, and keep my long distance relationship with my boyfriend working. You could say I’m busy. Just before starting a blog, I had a break down. My emotional state couldn’t keep up with my schedule. I was shutting down. I was tired of standing in front of the mirror and hating everything I saw in it. I am overweight, I have stretchmarks, scars, and zits. I have been bullied for how I look throughout my life. I was tired of letting my looks and my inner voice hold me back. I decided to make overall changes in my life, some harder than others, and some very simple ones.

I have created a morning routine for every day, set goals, started a blog, set aside time for self-care, and started to change my eating habits. For the past three weeks I have been getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night, no napping, I make green smoothies for breakfast (and sometimes dinner), I don’t let myself work past 9pm whether my work is done or not, and I’m trying my hardest to cut out the negativity in my life. I’m finding my schedule to be more manageable having set standards and goals for myself.

As I said before, my schedule is intense, very, very intense. Having a routine makes it much easier. I realized sometime in January, I hated my body, for many reasons, but I knew I could change if I had the will power. I started to see a dermatologist for my acne and a nutritionist for my diet. The nutritionist helped me understand my eating habits need to change. It’s a lifestyle, not just something you can do when you want. I’m unable to work out consistently throughout the week, so changing my eating habits will be a great start. Two months later, I’m already starting to see improvements and loving myself again. It’s a slow process, but I’m seeing the improvements. Seeing results help my mental state, which is making the emotional and mental changes easier. When I’m stuck or falling back into bad routines, I ask myself what is wrong and how I can help myself now?

What are some peoples’ self-care tools? How can the little changes improve your outlook on life and of yourself? Let me know your thoughts and ideas. It’s always better to have support than weights holding you down. Let’s bloom together.

* Also the photo is one of mine. Flower inspire me to watch myself grow and show my true beauty. I hope the flower will remind you, that you are just as beautiful, whether you see it or not. 


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