Making Time

Quote of the day:  It’s not about “having” time, but about making time.

If something is important to you, you will figure out how to fit it into your schedule. I’m tired of the “I don’t even have time to text you” answer to why I haven’t seen or talked a person in a while. It takes 20 seconds to unlock your phone and send a text that says “Miss you.”

I know my blog seems depressing and friendship based, but that’s because an ongoing issue is the relationships in my life. If a so called “friend” tells you, that you don’t try hard enough, but they don’t text, call, reach out, make plans, or start any conversation. Who is the person at fault? I have asked to go get dinner, get a coffee, to the movie, hang out, and work out together, but have been denied, reschedule (then cancelled), and cancelled last minute every single time I have asked. I have sent a miss you type text, I have called, and offered them to pick the date and time.  So this is where I have stopped typing so hard, I still care, but won’t reach out as much. I’m going to make time for the people who care and response.


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