Puppy Love

A few days ago, it was national puppy day. For me, puppy day is every day. I have two pure-breed border collies. They are not show dogs, or trained for herding; they are in my family. My mother suffers over ten diseases/illness, that will never be cured, just managed. She is my hero and inspiration. Her story can be sad to some, but to my brother and I, this is just part of our life. Our dogs help keep is “normal.” Maggie is the dog pictured on the left. She is a year and a half old. Whinnie is the one on the right. She is just over three years old. They are biological sisters, just a year apart. They are the best form of therapy, especially if my mom isn’t feeling well or I’m having a rough day. They cuddle, kiss, love, share and sleep with you. So much love in them, they are the best. This is my appreciation day for them and their love for me and my family. Do you have a pet that you trust more than most people?


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