Story Time…

I tend to have weird things happen to me or around me. They are things I can laugh at now, but I always look back at past experiences a wonder how they happened, why they happened, and of course it happened to me.

First story I will share with you all is my “Train Guy” story.  I commute some weekends to and from home and school. It’s a quick hour ride, and I get a lot of work done. Like today, I’m sitting on the train heading back to school for the week. Concern Sundays I take a later train, on this train I sit in the café, mainly because the train is full or I want to have a table to spread my work out. On these rides, there is a man working at the café. Every time I get in the café car, he looks at me forever; it doesn’t matter what he is doing, this happens every time. He is a tall, bigger man, with a lovely smile, polite, quite voice, and in his late twenties.

I think of myself as a polite person. I say hello, good bye, how are you, have a nice night… etc, especially to people who are helping me, they are doing their job, so treat them with respect. So every time I see this man, I say hello, and walk by him to find a seat. Every time, he just whispers “oh my god… you are gorgeous.” Mind you, I am always traveling for comfort, not to look good. I wear causal, comfy cloths, no makeup, minimum jewelry, and my natural hair… plus I’m usually exhausted.  I don’t think he knows I can hear him, but its sweet. I usually just smile and keep walking, then sit at a table, but the last time was different.

Last time, I acknowledged he said something, by saying thank you, then sitting at a table.  He quickly said you heard me. We talked very briefly, mainly him telling me that he thinks I’m beautiful and admirers me every time he has seen me. I am not the best looking human, I’m a little over weight, have a few zits, and just looked like a rolled out of bed. But I will admit this was so nice to hear, but I felt uncomfortable sharing more information so I just slowly ended the conversation, continued working, until my stop then left.

Now it’s been about 2 months since I saw him, or been on the train. Today I get on, and there he is. This time he speaks up, and tells me the same thing he always said whisper, “oh my god, you are gorgeous.” I say thank you, see you later, and sit down at a table. Near my stop he comes over and hands me a paper flower he made, and just says have a great night, see you next time.

It’s not that I’m attracted or interested to him, but this is the sweetest thing. He is my “train guy.”


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