Making Time

Quote of the day:  It’s not about “having” time, but about making time. If something is important to you, you will figure out how to fit it into your schedule. I’m tired of the “I don’t even have time to text you” answer to why I haven’t seen or talked a person in a while.... Continue Reading →



Today, I'm wishing I was anywhere but here. I recently traveled to London (and Paris), but I fell in love with art and expression. I'm applying for summer courses, grad school, and internships, but I just want to be inspired. Watching artists like this in the National Gallery in London, England, inspired me to further... Continue Reading →

Delay posting

Just a normal week in my life, got a concussion and lost power at my house... so I have been off my computer (phone, and TV) and unable to connect to internet... but I'm back!


My new beginning isn’t based around blogging. Blogging is part of my fresh start. I’m a double major in undergrad, almost done with my junior year, struggling with my main friend group, trying to keep up with classes, stay in touch with my family, and keep my long distance relationship with my boyfriend working. You... Continue Reading →

I’m Stuck.

I'm stuck between fighting for a friendship or just leaving it be. People around me see this friendship is causing more harm at the moment than it is good. But for some reason I keep fighting for it. Have you ever felt like you have tried so hard to show your support, show that you... Continue Reading →

Meaning of Art For Me

My first job right now is to be a college student, my second job/passion is art, especially photography. While I have always participated heavily in sports my entire life, the extracurricular activity I have come to enjoy the most is art. Art has become a main part in my life through the past seven years.... Continue Reading →


I'm finding myself spending more time alone, wishing my other friends lived close enough to hang out with, or just wish I was more popular. I have never been popular. I have been friends with popular people, but I tend to hide in their shadows. I guess, it's my fault. I have a hand full of friends,... Continue Reading →

Homemade Photo Booth

DIY of the day: Background for a quick photo booth Recently, it was one of my close friend’s birthday, my group of friends were having a small party in my dorm room. To make the room more festive, I went to a dollar store and an arts/crafts store, along with using what I have with... Continue Reading →

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