Self Care lesson

After my depressing day yesterday, I reflected and reminded myself that I can get through this. Today, I decided to take some photos. Loving the lighthouses in Rhode Island. Where are your favorite spots to go?


When does it get better?

When does it get better? I smile, even when my insides are screaming. I hear a bang, I freeze, then shed a tear, but hold back the rest. I hold my breath as I walk to my car at night or walk from the subway to my dorm. Even as I am laughing, I wonder... Continue Reading →

Where is my summer?

Today on the coast of Rhode Island, the weather sat at 54 degrees... just cold and rainy.  I'm missing the warmer weather, where I spend hours on the water. Now, I sit in my car with seat warmers on looking out at the freezing water break on the beach.

Dream Job

About sophomore year in high school, my dream job began. It has expanded, developed, and became more of a goal. In 2012, I took up more art courses and just art in general. I fell in love with photography, wood carving, and crafts. During this year, I struggled with self-confidence, body-image, and severe depression. Art... Continue Reading →

Story Time…

I tend to have weird things happen to me or around me. They are things I can laugh at now, but I always look back at past experiences a wonder how they happened, why they happened, and of course it happened to me. First story I will share with you all is my “Train Guy”... Continue Reading →

Quick Self Care: Smoothie Recipe

Self-care can be through anything, just as long it is taking care of yourself. For my self-care, I start every morning with a green smoothie. As a college student, my schedule can be crazy, and I always run out of time for breakfast. I started to make smoothies, because It takes about 15 minutes to... Continue Reading →

Oxymoron and Dysphemism of the Week

It's been a crazy week, so I decided to which up my normal journal entries. Dysphemism: a derogatory or unpleasant term used instead of a pleasant or neutral one Oxymoron: a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction Can you think of other ones? Do you use dysphemism or oxymora more? Oxymoron of the Week: - Ice Cold Water - Modern Classic - Adult Children... Continue Reading →

Puppy Love

A few days ago, it was national puppy day. For me, puppy day is every day. I have two pure-breed border collies. They are not show dogs, or trained for herding; they are in my family. My mother suffers over ten diseases/illness, that will never be cured, just managed. She is my hero and inspiration.... Continue Reading →

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